The Reality of Terrorists

I’ve been up since 2am not from any form of jet lag, but as I sit here in the Bekaa Valley just a handful of miles from the Syrian border, I cannot help but try to sort through the frustration and anger that sits in my soul like an over-inflated balloon about to burst.

What the hell is wrong with us white people?

I have the immense privilege of spending my days with some of the greatest heroes on this planet. Beautiful humans who have lost everything in their lives, gone through more than any westerner could ever even try to imagine, yet spend each day giving everything they are to bring love into this world when we need it the most.

In all of my life, through all of the amazing social justice warriors I have encountered, none even come close to my friends here on the Syrian border. My friends who happen to be Muslim and refugees themselves. My friends who many people demonize, dehumanize, and call terrorists when the reality is, they are people who we should aspire to be half as world-changing as they are on a daily basis.

Looking at basic facts, the greatest terroristic threat to the west, and probably the world as a whole, comes from within our egocentric white-people world. White supremacy is that next level mass terrorism that uses gas-lighting on crack. And it has been for centuries.

And I hope you are outraged.

Not only because fifty beautiful humans were slaughtered at their place of worship by a white-terrorist in New Zealand the other day, but because White Christian terrorism- both individuals and nations – have been destroying this world for far too long.

The thing is, after growing up white, with Christian-background, and privileged AF in the US, I have encountered more love and kindness – completely undeserved love and kindness – from each and every Muslim that I have ever encountered, than I have from every white church that I have ever been to combined.

The reality of terrorism is that the culture we white people have cultivated through colonization, genocide, and imperialism is the greatest terroristic threat to ourselves and this world and this is where our outrage and action needs to be.

Sheri RosendahlComment