9 Basic Non-Negotiables to Claim Pro-life

A lot of people like to call themselves “Pro-life,” but let’s be real, not a ton of people understand what all they have to support in order to give themselves this title without being a massive-hypocritical-liar.

So in an effort to help the world be more real and authentic and all of that trendy crap, I have compiled a list of the bare minimum that a person must support if they want to hold on to their beloved title of Pro-life.

Sorry, these are the very basic non-negotiables.

1. Universal Healthcare (Including Dental and Vision)

Because you cannot expect a person to be able to complete life, let alone a pregnancy or childhood without access to doctors, medicine, hospitals, and root canals.

2. Universal Childcare

Because, you need to understand the fact that childcare costs the same or more a month than most people’s rent and jobs don’t tend to allow small children in the workplace, they are a total liability.

3. Funding Food Stamps

Because food is important to maintain life.

4. Livable Minimum Wage

Because children and life cost money and that’s probably not going to change in the near future.

5. Ending Police Brutality & Racism

Because people of color also deserve life you red-hatted racist.

6. Regulating Guns

Because mass shootings contradict everyone’s right to life.

7. Stopping ALL WAR

Because killing people is the opposite of supporting life.

8. Welcoming Refugees and Immigrants

Because regardless of the nationality on ones passport, everyone’s chance at life deserves our full support. Sorry not sorry border wall groupies.

9. Basically nothing that Trump and friends support.

This one is self-explanatory and if it is not, you automatically lose your title…

Sheri Rosendahl1 Comment