Stop Lying, You Don’t Care About National Security

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Let me get this straight Conservative Christian America, you want to build a wall down south that costs billions of dollars while having parents in the US who have never committed a crime, arrested while dropping their children off at school, detained and imprisoned, and then kicked out of the country, simply for trying to give their family a better life?

Because - you know - national security.

Really, national security is such a threat these days that we need to ban all refugees from certain countries because they are not white like most of us, I mean they might be “terrorists.”

We can’t have that; we can’t have all these non-white people working their ass off, paying taxes, and contributing to our society. That would be dangerous.

For one, I want to quickly point out that the guy that you call savior himself, doesn’t care about building this sort of exclusionist security.

Actually, quite the opposite, Jesus cares about how you love the hurting. Common guys, I really think that we can both see that your desire to kick the vulnerable out of this nation says you may be doing a really really bad job living out Jesus’ great command for you to love others.

But seriously, let’s be real here, you are not truly concerned about national security, your concern stems from that straight up racism.

You see the people groups whom you claim are a threat, have some common traits.

They are people of color.

Due to no fault of their own, their country is not safe or not environments in which they can give their children the best possible life (I am sure you would also do everything in your power to give your kids a decent life, so you should be able to understand this one).

And in reality, they pose no real threat to your security.

In fact, you as an American have about a 1 in 3.64 billion chance a year of being killed by a foreign born refugee. Oh, and the chance of being murdered by an undocumented immigrant - you know the people you are so scared of that you are willing to rip apart families that have lived here for years - 1 in 10.9 billion per year.

You have a better chance of dying from a vending machine. Maybe we need to build walls around vending machines. I mean that would be more beneficial to national security than spending billions on a giant border wall - if we really want to look out for our people that is.

Okay, so now let’s get a bit deeper into the conversation of national security that you pretend to care so much about.

We do indeed have a major threat to our security that needs to be addressed. One in which we regularly see children slain in their classrooms because of.

You know, gun violence. The mass shooting attacks of domestic white guy terrorists.  

I mean, we are at a point where the media barely covers a guy in body armor shooting four people at a car wash because these sorts of mass killings are the norm, just another day in America.

Where is your outrage here? What protective measures are you taking stop a real life threat to national security?


You take no action. In fact, you vibrantly fight against anyone who advocates for policy that would limit domestic mass shootings. You act as if Jesus himself is a card-carrying member of the NRA even though the reality of Jesus is that he was non-violent. So he would be like the opposite of all your stand your ground crap.

Then you lie more. You say that stricter gun control wouldn’t be a solution.

Except that we are the only developed nation in the world with mass shootings on the regular. Every other developed country doesn’t deal with this insanity because it doesn’t exist in their nation and guess what? These nations have super strict gun control laws.

So Conservative American Christianity, stop lying, it’s clear that you don’t care in the least about the reality of national security threats.

I think it is time you just be honest with everyone. Honesty is a good thing and we all already know anyways. Your real issue is with non-white people for the sole reason of a vast racism that is deeply imbedded into your veins.

Also, stop pretending your actions are not a direct contradiction to the ways of your messiah, you know, the radically, loving, inclusive, refugee messiah who was born in the Middle East - not America.




Sheri Rosendahl4 Comments