Vote Like You've Never Voted Before

Vote like you’ve never voted before.

Vote like you don’t want to be embarrassed to admit that you’re American when you travel.

Vote like you don’t wish our world went The Man in The High Castle route.

Vote like the earth is the only home we have.   

Vote like your government is locking tiny children in cages.      

Vote like you would prefer clean drinking water.

Vote like your government is cutting funding for children’s health insurance so that billionaires can get richer.

Vote like you could get rid a Ted Cruz.

Vote like the education of our youth actually matters.

Vote like there are literal Nazis on the streets.

Vote like they are trying to suppress your vote.

Vote like school shootings have become the norm.

Vote like you know the definition of an invasion vs asylum seeking.

Vote like you want The Handmaid’s Tale to stay fiction.

Vote like you are not okay with rape.

Vote like Jesus wasn’t a white republican.

Vote like you live in the most egocentric nation in the world.

Vote like the leader of your nation is a sexual predator.

Vote like you are living in an oligarchy, because you are.

Vote like Jerry Falwell Jr exists.

Vote like you don’t want your grandkids to have to wear spf 5000.

Vote like money is not worth more than your entire soul.

Vote like you care, about anything other than yourself. Like anything at all.

Vote like blue is your favorite color.

Vote like love needs a win.

Really, just vote like you are a decent human being.

Sheri RosendahlComment