White People, This Behavior is Basically Sociopathic

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Oh my god fellow white people, as you sit around drinking your Starbucks and complain about how afraid you are of the around 3,500 people - 2,300 of them children - walking a thousand miles in desperate search for a safer life - I hope you know that your behavior is basically sociopathic.

I mean you think you need the military to meet these people at the border to “protect” you?

What the literal hell is wrong with you?

What are you scared of?

Little children who would become future doctors, teachers, and engineers, heavily contributing to both our economy and society as a whole?

That’s who you want our military to shoot if they try to step foot in your nation?

Seriously, think about it, you want to shoot people who are trying desperately to give their children a better life for the only “crime” of desperately searching to give their children a better life?

I mean, real talk – you are calling this an invasion. Do you even know what an invasion is?

Let me help you a bit here.

An invasion is what the U.S. did in Iraq when we showered their country with bombs for literally no real reason.

An invasion is when our “founding fathers” came over and built a nation on genocide equal to that of Hitler, towards Native Americans.

An invasion is when the police shoot an unarmed person of color without consequence.

An invasion is when white men committing mass shootings becomes a norm.

These are invasions.

2,300 children and their families so desperate for safety that they are walking a thousand miles, A THOUSAND MILES, for a better life is not an invasion, and calling it one is ridiculous.

The lack of ability to employ simple empathy is both astounding and incredibly disturbing.

While we are having this conversation, let’s point out that you want to spend tens of millions of tax dollars to stop people from seeking refuge, but god-forbid we allow all people in this nation to have access to basic human rights like healthcare, or clean drinking water. I mean, that would be a waste of tax-payers dollars, right?

And before you send me angry emails and all that crap, ask yourself this, if the lives are your own children were being threatened, would you not do everything possible to seek safety for them?

Just a simple, yes or no question. YES or NO.

If you would do anything to protect your own children, which I think most of you would, the hypocrisy is clear.

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but your children and mine do not deserve a better life than children born anywhere else in this world. These are just facts, and even your god agrees with me on this one.

If you wouldn’t, then yeah, you are either lying or definitely portraying some super concerning sociopathic qualities.

But my guess is that most of you aren’t sociopaths, you are probably just super racist, which is probably worse.

Sheri Rosendahl2 Comments