America, We are Facing a National Disaster

Minus the traffic on I-45 - that I am pretty sure I have spent months of my life on at this point – Houston is a uniquely amazing city. It also happens to be my hometown. Recently, we’ve watched Harvey drown the fourth largest city in our nation with the flood of the millennium, and honestly, it feels surreal.

Though this storm is  absolutely devastating for H-town, the silver lining may be that the world is watching the most diverse city in the US unite with people of all color, religion, sex, and even political background as they come together in order to love each other – strangers - boldly. United by a cause bigger than any differences.  

In a nation more divided than ever - Houston, you truly are the change our word needs to see.

You know, the thing we all should be thinking about is the fact that in reality, our nation is in the middle of a national disaster. The left and right intensely going at it, creeping closer and closer to a clash like we haven’t seen since 1861. Racism like I never thought I would see in my lifetime, and “leaders” who don’t immediately condemn literal Nazis on our streets.

There is also a growing tension in the world of religion as this “Christian” nation and it’s religious leaders struggle largely to follow the way of their savior, the way of loving others boldly first. Instead we see a mass following of the America First, gun slanging, White-Jesus.

Regardless of all of our differences, I am one hundred percent confident that no matter where we fall on any of these spectrums, we can probably all agree that our country is a mess right now.

After watching the most diverse city in the US unite as those who passionately hold deep seeded contrasting views - those whom we thought couldn’t be within a 20 feet radius of each other without massive confrontation - unite to literally love those they would call their enemy, I have renewed strength in the belief that love will win if we let it.

The truth is, in the midst of a blatant disaster as we see in Houston, we see those who would call themselves ride or die enemies unite over the realization of their shared humanity. It’s honestly an incredibly beautiful thing.

So here is our big challenge right now America, how do we come to find a shared humanity that will bring us together despite our mass diversity? If a hurricane, a massive natural disaster in H-town united those on completely contrasting “sides,” what more do we need to bring us together in the midst of the national disaster that has engulfed out nation?

What more do we need to move past our differences and unite together for a greater cause? What more do we need to see that bold love is a possibility even in a nation divided by hate?

Houston and those who have traveled south to love in big ways, what you are doing should set an example for the rest of us to open our eyes and step past the hate and embrace our diversity for reasons bigger than ourselves.

Y’all enough is enough, let’s overcome this national disaster together, let’s finally see love win against the hate that haunts us all. Let H-town be an example to us all, a starting place as we watch a natural disaster bring communities together. Don’t let this national disaster we face in our country continue to grow and drown our humanity. Let this be an encouragement to us all to unite and fight more boldly than ever and truly let love win.


*Photo Credit: VLAD BUSUIOC

Sheri RosendahlComment