Twenty-Five Things I am Grateful for in 2017

I will be one of the first to tell you that 2017 has been almost surreally insane. Our world is a total mess for a million reasons (thanks Trump and friends) and I am all about speaking out against the hurt and oppression we see. However, during this holiday season as we celebrate our vast privilege and ability to be mass consumerists along with the pretend birthday celebration of baby Jesus, I want to reflect on some of the things that I truly am grateful for this past year.

I am grateful that the extent of how screwed up our nation truly is, is being illuminated brightly.


I am grateful for journalist and their persistence in truth-seeking.


I am grateful for all the white men who have criticized/attacked me; I would not understand how deep misogyny runs in our culture without you.


I am grateful for #BLM, and every single person exposing and fighting against how deep racism runs in our blood.


I am thankful for the #MeToo and #ChurchToo campaigns and all those who have been brave enough to speak out their story.


I am grateful for all who have listened.


I am grateful for the millions of women who held the largest completely peaceful protest in history.


I am thankful that because of Trump, many of us are unifying against the hate that has always lingered in our nation.



I am thankful for Canada, for being a far better role model than we.


I am thankful for White-Jesus Christians for turning enough people away from religion that many can now see the true ways of red letter love.



I am thankful for those who call out systemic racism in all of us.


I am thankful for those who call out cowardly third-way type of white men who manipulate and abuse their power.



I am thankful for the LGBTQ community for their amazing ability to shine bright in love through so much hate.


I am thankful for those who take a knee.


I am grateful for those who fight for our earth against the rampant corporate greed that pushes for pipelines and elephant tusks.



I am thankful for those who both challenge and encourage me in my thinking.


I and thankful for Stranger Things, The 100, The Walking Dead, and all the other Netflix series we can binge watch to escape the grossness of our reality for a minute.



I am thankful for the red letters that always point toward love.


I am thankful for all of my amazing Muslim friends who have shown me what loving others truly looks like.


I am grateful for everyone who has refused to stay silent while others hurt, regardless of who they may make uncomfortable in the process.



I am grateful for the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for validating the need to stand directly in the tension, and be boldly vocal and peacefully resistant.


I am grateful for yoga and mindfulness that help me keep my sanity throughout these days.


I am grateful for the bleeding hearts.


I am thankful for the risk takers.


I am grateful for the flame of 2017 that has sparked a revolution to let love win.


Sheri RosendahlComment