The Lie that is Oppression

“Women in America have equality; if you want to see oppressed women go to (fill in the blank country)!” Okay, we have all been hearing a lot of this rhetoric since the Women’s March, often coming from American Christians.

First of all, I want to acknowledge that there are indeed many countries where women have far fewer rights than here in the good-ole USA. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at Western culture, where the objectification of women here is real and some would say majorly oppressive. Let’s talk a bit about that.

We all know that our media is flooded with images and portrayals of “sexy” half-naked women because sex sells. But through the flood of lust in our culture, what is the cost?

Society tells us, women, that if we make sure we are outwardly sexy; we must be a strong confident empowered woman. Our oversexualized culture has taught us our main value is based on our physical beauty and even going further in its fabrications masking it as empowerment.

We are taught we should feel the best about ourselves when we have visible abs, slim thighs, a pretty face, and booty for miles. And more than that, we need to make sure the world can see it through endless Instagram posts in workout clothes that rival underwear, because how else will anyone know how “hot” (or “valuable”) we are?

Even as little girls we see this lie all around us and most of us grow up obsessing over ridiculous vanity. The thing is, no matter how outwardly “beautiful” I have ever felt, inwardly, this quest left me empty, unfulfilled, and exhausted.

With how ingrained objectification is in our society, it’s not just little girls who are influenced. Many little boys are also being taught to value women based on beauty. They are taught to embrace lust which does not value the true person and leads to an innate whisper that women are objects to be enjoyed.

You guys, this crap is everywhere in our society, it’s ingrained. And you know what? A culture that constantly sexually objectifies women IS oppressive. It’s gross. It diminishes our value, and it steals life and joy from our souls.

But it’s a lie, a fabrication, a silk-screen, complete bullshit.

I mean women just organized the biggest protest in history, PEACEFULLY, with millions marching to end oppression! We desperately need this in our world today. We are far more valuable than I think, at times, we even realize.

Moreover, that guy who is the basis of the entire religion of Christianity made a pretty bold statement when he said that even looking at a woman lustfully is the equivalent of adultery. I wonder how he valued women.

Or there was that time he was in the middle of teaching in a temple and some religious folk (it’s always the religious…) dragged in a naked women who was caught in the act of adultery (like the act).  So Jesus (that’s who I have been referring to if you didn’t notice), was asked what to do with the woman since the law said she should be punished to death by the throwing of stones.

So when the woman was brought in, Jesus sat down and drew in the sand. Which I think is awesome, but more than that, showed respect by not shaming the woman by staring at her in the middle of the worst day of her life, naked, terrified, and publically humiliated.

He then went on to make the famous statement “Let him who is without sin among you be the first throw a stone at her” and no one could, so they all left and she was saved. Good ending,  but focus on how he honored the women, who was guilty of doing something not very cool, by drawing in sand instead of staring at her in shame.

My point is, Jesus was absolutely opposed to the lustful objectification of women. Maybe I am alone in my thinking, but it seems pretty obvious that objectification of women, especially on such a large scale, is most definitely oppressive and his followers should maybe rethink the state of women’s equality in our society.

I can say with certainty, that Jesus would not condemn women (and men) peacefully marching against oppression. Looking at his life, nothing, like nothing at all, tells me otherwise.

So women, we are a uniquely valuable amazing part of this world. Don’t settle for that lie fed to us since we were little girls that our outward beauty is even a speck of our true value. Keep doing your thing, boldly standing against oppression!

And men who know the reality of the value of women and fight alongside us, thank you. Thank you for going against the grain of our culture and loving us for our hearts.

We can do this! We can fight against oppression, and do it peacefully! We can be the change our sons and daughters need us to be. We can show bold Love like that really awesome guy from the Middle East did 2000 years ago. In this era filled with hate, we can do better, we can choose Love, we can change our world!